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All About Your Gym

Cayla is from Oregon and a full-time student but does not not know that Seattle Central College (SCC) has a gym, even after studying here for three months. Cayla does not know that as an SCC student taking more than five credits, she could have access to the gym to benefit her well-being, simply by showing her student ID at the gym’s entrance.

The Mitchell Activity Center, also known as the MAC, is located at 1718 Broadway, just across the street from the Broadway Edison building and next to the SCC Book store. What a secret building we have in front of our eyes! Cayla is delighted to learn that it is a gym.

The activities at the gym are good for students with a wide variety of classes including boxing, yoga, conditioning classes, Zumba and dance classes. The weekly class schedule can be found on the school’s website.

There are also ping-pong tables, Racquet ball courts, free weights, stretching tools, basketball courts, volleyball courts, strength and cardio machines. Many people do not know that the gym also has a dry sauna in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Additionally, personal training is available for $26 to $35 per hour. One of the best instructors and a world class trainer at the gym is Kelly Murphy who is willing to teach you how to be healthy from the inside out.

The nickname MAC may make students and newcomers to SCC think of expensive computers, keeping students from learning they have access to a gym. Students may also be unaware of the gym because it is difficult to find any word about the gym on the SCC website. Whatever the reason, not many students venture to explore this facility. One day in the future, if SCC could put a sign with the word “gym” above the entrance then new students might use the gym more. A sign like this would also help international students learn english.

Now that you know about the gym you may be wondering if students have access to it over the summer. The gym is available to current students, regardless of the quarter. That means that if you do not take classes over summer quarter, you will not be allowed to use the gym. This seems to be unfair to students who would like to be physical healthy and gain strength. It may keep students and employees from using the gym.  However, people not enrolled at SCC can get a gym membership at the MAC for $50 per month. Students taking less than five credits can get a membership for only $35.

Hopefully if more students hear about the gym, it will become more popular and make progress towards serving all SCC students and staff.

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