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We’re Hiring!

The Seattle Collegian is looking for truth seekers to fulfill our mission of reporting and commenting on news that’s relevant for students, staff, and faculty at Seattle Central College during the 2022/23 academic year. Ideal candidates are:

  • intellectually curious
  • self-motivated
  • organized
  • critical & creative thinkers
  • dedicated to finding and reporting the truth
  • excellent communicators
  • willing to practice ethical journalism

Although we love hiring experienced writers and journalists, we employ writers and journalists at every level. Our team includes professional journalists from around the world as well as novice writers from Seattle. At The Seattle Collegian, our diversity is our strength. We learn from one another as we strive to keep the students, staff, and faculty of Seattle Central College informed on topics that impact their lives.

Summary of Positions


The editor-in-chief acts as the face of our news outlet, attending meetings with student leaders across campus. They also develop the vision and ethos of our publication while working closely with the managing editor to oversee staff meetings. Candidates should be prepared to work 10-15 hours per week. Specific duties include:

  • recruiting staff writers
  • setting agendas for weekly staff meetings
  • promoting the student-run paper in the Seattle Central community
  • coordinating the payment of staff writers
  • attending weekly meetings with the managing editor and faculty advisor
  • holding weekly office hours to meet with editors and writers
  • writing letters from the editor
  • making executive decisions with the Editorial Board
  • adhering to deadlines decided by the Editorial Board
  • posting new articles to the webpage

Managing Editor

The managing editor helps the editor-in-chief realize their vision of The Seattle Collegian by overseeing the day-to-day operation of the outlet. They manage the story log and run staff meetings along with the editor-in-chief. Candidates should be prepared to work a minimum of ten to fifteen hours per week. Specific duties include:

  • managing publication calendar for the website
  • keeping an notion spreadsheet of said calendar
  • managing the publishing queue and when article go out 
  • assisting the advisor in interviewing and hiring new staff members
  • coordinating with the editor-in-chief to makes sure all editors and staff members are fulfilling their duties
  • editing content for the website
  • attending weekly staff meetings

Content Editor(s)

Content editors work with writers on specific areas or beats. Some content editors we’ve had include arts & culture, crime, food, and education. Content editors work five to ten hours per week. Specific duties include: 

  • recruiting staff writers
  • managing staff writers who report the news in relevant areas
  • managing staff writers working on features or lifestyle articles (when there’s crossover with news)
  • develops relationships with contacts across campus
  • editing news stories
  • assigning news stories to staff writers
  • attending weekly staff meetings


Copyeditors should be prepared to work a minimum of five hours per week. Specific duties include:

  • editing all copy for the website and the print edition
  • following Associated Press style guidelines
  • fixing grammatical and formal mistakes in all articles going to publication
  • holding another editorial position on the Editorial Board as well
  • attending weekly staff meetings

Social Media Manager

The social media manager works seven-to-ten hours per week. They’re responsible for posting content across our outlet’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, and the Seattle Central College app. Their goal is to bring readers to our site. They work five to ten hours per week. Specific duties include:

  • posting all website content on appropriate social media platforms
  • managing all social media accounts
  • tracking analytics across social media platforms
  • presenting social media analytics three times per academic quarter at weekly staff meetings
  • attending weekly staff meetings
  • coordinating with the editor in chief and managing editor to create social media campaigns to promote our website

Web Manager

The web manager manages our website. Ideal candidates have experience working with WordPress and Google Analytics. They work between five to ten hours per week. Specific duties include:

  • attending weekly staff meetings
  • keeping the website updated and secure
  • coordinating with the social media manager
  • providing weekly analytics report detailing traffic on the website
  • creating email addresses for The Seattle Collegian staff

Graphic Artist

The graphic artist provides digital art for stories on our website. They work between five to ten hours per week. Specific duties include:

  • creating digital images for stories on the website
  • creating cartoons for the website and the print edition
  • attending weekly staff meetings to coordinate with editors and writers


Editorial board members work an average of 12 hours per week and earn $17.27 per hour. Additionally, all hourly employees receive stipends for work that’s published in The Seattle Collegian. 

How to Apply

The application deadline is Monday, May 16. To apply, visit our online application portal here. You may apply for one or more positions.


Email The Seattle Collegian’s faculty advisor, Johnny Horton, at

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