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Posts published by “Veronika Pshenytska”

Veronika is a student from Seattle Central College, an International Student Ambassador, and a member of the Editorial Board of Seattle Collegian. She loves to cook Ukrainian dumplings, travel in the Pacific states, read E.Hemingway, listen to The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Veronika is pursuing her degree in web development. Her goal is to own her own business and financially contribute to Seattle Colleges Foundations to support low-income international students. While being a member of Seattle Collegian, Veronika is eager to share her own experience of living, visiting, working, and studying in foreign countries.

The Heron’s Nest Project: West Seattle’s outdoor education center celebrating Duwamish culture and empowerment

I was never passionate about learning history at school. Let’s be honest: History classes were pretty boring! Recently, however, I discovered that history is not just about dead people and wars of the past; it…

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