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Faces of the New Normal

Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian  A Seattle resident poses in front of boarded up windows of a supermarket from which she had recently purchased groceries, displaying a new norm for what would otherwise be deemed a typical outing.
Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian A Seattle resident, Seana, exudes a fun, outgoing and eventful demeanor as she makes her way to work; a testament to the love and beauty that people yearn to resonate amid harsh, precarious times..
Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian A father sits with his outgoing, playful son as they wait for the bus to return to their home in West Seattle.
Jordan Somers       A Seattle resident sports his scarf-makeshift mask as he commences his bicycle ride along Broadway. 
Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian  A Seattle resident walks alongside a row of boarded up QFC market windows – a business-wide response to the current “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order – with the aim to minimize chance of damage or theft.
Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian A young man poses in high spirits as he works his security shift, standing alongside fresh graffiti that reads “Rent Strike,” a cry that has begun to rumble exponentially nationwide.  On March 27th it was reported that over 300,000 Washington State residents will have potentially lost their jobs by summertime 2020. 

Jordan Somers  A Seattle resident poses cheerfully alongside another mask-wearing passerby, demonstrating an eerie new norm for city and statewide residents. 


Jordan Somers

Jordan Somers is currently in his second year of Visual Media at Seattle Central College. He specializes in photojournalism and documentary work, with a particular emphasis on social movements happening throughout the city. His 2020 documentary, Hope is Not Cancelled, was an official selection at the Local Sightings Film Festival, and won an award for best editing at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival. Jordan is an avid traveler when granted the opportunity, and has a keen interest in psychology and existential philosophy.

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