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Join MAC activities – Something you have paid for all along

Did you know that Mitchell Activity Center (MAC) still runs and offers a bunch of activities virtually? Did you know that you can play Super Smash Bros with friends online or a classic game like Trivia? Did you realize that you can submit photos to win a prize? And seriously, did you know that you can chat with Lauren Leedy, a dietitian who can help you eat better and be healthier? Did you know that you already paid for these activities when you enrolled for the quarter?

Wait, what? 

Let me show you something from the MAC page on the SCC website: 

If you are enrolled full-time (on campus) at Seattle Central College and paying full tuition for 5+ credits, you are automatically a member! The membership fee is included in your Student Fees” 

Since membership for these activities is already included in our tuition, we should all be taking advantage of them!

If you’re new to MAC activities or not quite familiar with this department, this article will tell you what it is, what activities are available, how to join, and who to contact. If you joined classes there before, visit the MAC on Canvas to check for more updates.

What exactly is the MAC?

The MAC, or Charles H. Mitchell Activity Center, is the big building located across the street from Seattle Central College to the left of Student Leadership and the bookstore. MAC’s mission is to offer a variety of ways to keep students and staff well, healthy, and connected virtually, especially during the pandemic. Activities include gaming, winter events, nutrition information sessions and more. With COVID-19 restrictions, everything is operated online.

What kind of activities are there for this quarter?

Virtual Activity Classes Schedule
Gift Homsaen | The Seattle Collegian Virtual Activity Classes Schedule
  • Gaming – You can play games such as Super Smash Bros and FIFA 21 (Xbox and PS) and even win prizes to GameStop.
  • Winter Events – There are classic games like Trivia, Pictionary and a photo contest where you can earn a prize.
  • Nutrition Information Sessions – A part of Virtual Activity Classes. Here’s a great one that you should give a shot, as we all know that being healthy is one of the most crucial factors that can help us thrive through this season. MAC has done their best to provide us with nutrition information sessions by Lauren Leedy, a Seattle-based registered dietitian. Refer to the MAC newsletter below for the topics of each session, bring your questions, and let her guide you!
  • Other Virtual Activity Classes – It’s time to move your body. Fun classes like yoga, cardio salsa, cardio boxing, and strength and mobility are ready for you to attend.

How to join the activities?

  • Follow these steps:
    1. Enroll in the MAC on Canvas here.
    2. Once enrolled, you can access all activities except Virtual Activity Classes, for which you need to fill out the waivers.
    3. Once the waivers are approved and access is granted, you can choose your desired classes.
    4. Have fun!
  • Download the MAC newsletter (see download button above) onto your device. It has all you need to know about available classes and how to enroll. You can also find this newsletter in your school email inbox ( sent from MAC whenever they have new updates.

Who to contact?

If you have any questions or concerns about MAC activities, contact Jared Blitz, MAC Director, at

Let’s stay fit together and take advantage of these classes that we have already invested in. We also get to build more connections with like-minded friends and may find new ways to relax ourselves. 

Three ways we can keep having these fun activities available for us from now and onwards. First, share this article with friends and people in your network. A lot of us have no idea about this! Two, if you joined any MAC classes before, share your experience in the comments section below. And three, join the activities you like, invite your friends and spread the word!


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