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Northwest Film Forum hosting film production workshops

The Northwest Film Forum is proud to share a series of workshops designed with the aim of providing training in filmmaking fundamentals for young and emerging filmmakers.

On October 30 and 31, the first of the workshop series takes place, focusing on basic production skills. It is held quarterly, being held every weekend until December. The workshop series operates on a pay-what-you-can, sliding scale to $100.

Anyone 17 years or older is encouraged to apply. Female and gender-nonconforming people who complete the program will be eligible for an apprenticeship with the Film Forum’s production company, Remove the Gap Productions (RG Pro). The mission of said company is to create equity in the film industry by actively making space for women and gender-nonconforming filmmakers.

Victoria Winter Derek Edamura, education director, and Vivian Hua, executive director, of the Northwest Film Forum.

Derek Edamura, education director of the Northwest Film Forum, said, “for me, it’s just about wanting to create a space where people can have similar relationships for this organization and this space and use it to empower themselves as filmmakers and storytellers.”

Executive director, Vivian Hua, added, “I think Film Forum is also such a space for really amazing one-off experiences, the first few times I came here, it was just like film screenings with really interesting discussions that I feel like I didn’t really find anywhere else.”

The Northwest Film Forum will also host Engauge, an experimental film festival, this upcoming week from October 28 to 31. Tickets are available at or in-person.

Victoria Winter A wall in the back of the Northwest Film Forum covered from top to bottom with the names and writing of past patrons and employees.


Victoria Winter

Victoria Winter is trying to prove that nothing human is alien to us. On paper, she is a second year student at Seattle Central College, potentially majoring in anthropology and philosophy. In reality, she is fascinated by using the mediums of photojournalism and writing to explore subcultures - the fringes, the limelight, and everything in between. She is in love with humans. Her only firm beliefs are that everything should be explored and most things are easier at night.

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