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Posts tagged as “spring”

53rd Annual Northwest Folklife Festival: a blooming of Seattle’s spirit under rainy weather

As a Seattle tradition since 1972, this year’s Northwest Folklife Festival took place from May 24-27 at the lively Seattle Center. Despite the rainy weather, the festival gathered thousands of people throughout all four days.…

Seattle in Season: Seattle’s monthly produce guide – April

Spring is finally upon us. The days are longer, temperatures are rising, and new fruits and vegetables are making their appearance. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I was able to visit the Ballard Farmers Market and see the beautiful array of produce myself. Located along Ballard Ave NW, between Vernon Pl and 22nd Ave, the Ballard Farmers Market has been showcasing local farmers and vendors year-round since 2000. The market is open weekly from 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. With the lively music and bustling crowd, the emerging energies of Spring and warm weather radiated from the closed-off street. Bright bouquets of cherry blossoms were in attendance as well.  Better yet, rows of colorful produce and locally-made goods lined every inch of cobblestone available. 

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