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Engineering Night at Seattle Central College 

In a dynamic world with rapid advances in engineering, the journey from academia to a thriving career is a challenging yet rewarding experience. To bridge the gap between students’ aspirations and the realities of the engineering industry, “Engineering Night” serves as a great resource for mentorship, providing a unique platform for students to engage with seasoned professionals. 

“Engineering Night” is an event for aspiring engineers to gain invaluable insights into the diverse and ever-evolving field of engineering. 

The event takes place on Jan. 25 in the main lobby of the Science and Math (SAM) building on Seattle Central College’s campus. The theme this year will be “Innovation in the Future.” A group of engineering professionals from the Pacific Northwest will talk to students about their careers and the best ways to start a career as an engineer. The Math, Science, Engineering, and Achievement (MESA) program at Seattle Central College (SCC) will host the event. 

Francisco Fonseca | The Seattle Collegian SAM Lobby

In the past, there have been one-on-one sessions between the participants and mentors or speakers. There will be mentors from Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Boeing, and many others. MESA will provide refreshments, so students can enjoy food and soft drinks while listening to mentors, networking with other students, and learning from one another. 

MESA is a coalition of programs from 10 states nationwide. Operating in unity, MESA aims to enhance involvement and enhance academic achievements for underrepresented students in STEM education. Collectively, MESA programs cater to more than 50,000 K-16 students every year. 

Seattle Central College houses one of these programs. They can be found in the Broadway-Edison building, office 3221. For more information about them, you can visit their website.   

SCC’s MESA program will host “Engineering Night” in partnership with Puget Sound Engineering Council (PSEC), an association made up of local branches representing national or international engineering and scientific societies within the Puget Sound region. PSEC’s primary purpose is to enhance public recognition and admiration for engineering, science, and technology. For more information about the PSEC, visit their website  

To attend this event, please register by filling out this form first: 


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