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Some severe Star stuff is happening this month, my dear asteroids! Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius beginning the 10th, Venus is retrograde in Gemini beginning the 13th,  Jupiter goes retrograde in Capricorn beginning the 14th, Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th, Mars enters Pisces on the 13th, the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th (before that it’s in Taurus), and then Mercury enters Cancer on the 28th. Whew! I know that we’re often afraid of retrograde motion in the planets, but you shouldn’t be! These are all opportunities if you approach them properly.

 The mantras of the month are patience, responsibility, communication, originality, ingenuity, flexibility, and connection. These arenas will mean different things to each of you and come up at different times, but please keep them all on your heart as you journey through the month. 

Remember, we each already have within us everything we need to meet the challenges and requests of the Planets, we just need to pay attention to what is being asked of us. 

Here are the horoscopes for each Sun sign, I hope they help illuminate your path. May love and light be ever in your Stars.  

Tiffany Tablang

TAURUS: Happy birthday to all you bull-headed beasts! Overall, this should be a great month for you, with only a couple of possible pitfalls. You will find your energies and focus shifting throughout the month, from career to mental health to home life. Your stubborn streak is at an all-time high, and you will want to do things your way and oversee your own destiny. You’re feeling abnormally fiery and passionate this month. Your finances and personal successes should be easily sustained and even thrive at this time, especially after the 20th. A financial risk may be worth taking, but only if you have also put some savings away. Academic pursuits are also favorably forecasted. It’s your family relationships that worry me. Avoid catfights and drama at all costs, most especially with people in your own household. Get away for a run or hide in your room if you have to, just don’t get bullied into playing referee or holding people’s hands. Exercise will soothe your frustrations. 

Tiffany Tablang

GEMINI: Happy early birthday, Wonder Twins! Okay… The bad news? After the 15th, you will experience minor threats to your inner harmony, nominal financial stress, and mild academic barriers. The great news? All you have to do to make it through this month with serenity and ease is to avoid other people’s negativity. Keep it simple, avoid technicalities and conditional engagements, and work alone as much as possible. There are a lot of strong energies and planetary forces at work in your chart now, including some Venus retrograde action in your sign starting on the 13th. This means your best efforts to attract what you want will be thwarted more the harder you push, so don’t. This also means you are especially magnetic at the moment, so be careful who you ensnare! By the end of the month, professional prospects will begin to shine, as will love and money.

Lena Mercer | The Seattle Collegian

CANCER: Ambition and empowerment take center stage for you this month. You will constantly have the feeling that the other shoe is about to drop, but this is just your intuitive response to the ramping up of the powerhouse planets of Venus and Jupiter towards retrograde motion. You instinctively know to play the waiting game and let things unfold around you. You will find those in your inner circle deferring to you for guidance, and you may become the center of gravity for your loved ones. Turning inwards and engaging in spiritual practices will lead to enlightenment and some epiphanies. Great communication will be sought after and may lead to deeper relationships. Watch out for other people’s mood swings and your own emotional and decisional vacillations, as these can be very dangerous territories for you at this time. Stay grounded.

Tiffany Tablang

LEO: There will be a series of short bursts coming your way, filled with fits and starts, unfinished business, muddled perceptions, and dissatisfactions. Your lack of follow-through and motivation is going to bite you on the tail, so stop being lazy. You may be questioning your career path or your academic pursuits. New things are happening, old ways are dying, and everything is changing. The Universe is setting you up for something unprecedented, so prepare yourself for June. It will get more interesting before it calms down. There is a game of cat-and-mouse being played in the love department. It will soon be proven to you that it really is all about who you know, but you’ll still have to put in some work. Stay connected to whatever magic brought you here, and you’ll play a winning hand. Your energy and creativity will propel you towards the next chapter. Lay in the Sun whenever you can and soak up its medicine. 

Tiffany Tablang

VIRGO: Your mind is sharp as a tack, and your focus is laser. Your skills in the love department, however, may not be so impressive. You may find that you’re ill-prepared for the chaotic time ahead. At month’s advent, that famous work ethic saves your rear end from the fire yet again, and soon you’re exhausted and irritated. Take a break or you WILL be physically ill from overexertion. Something is messing with your usually stable ego drives, and you may be unusually off-putting to people close to you. Try to do some internal diagnostics to see what needs repair and get to it before you alienate the people you are about to need. Watch out for social faux pas and scheduling mishaps, these could really ruin your status in love and your reputation with loved ones! You are a born strategist, but don’t allow your tactics to overstep your limits. You’ll regret it if you cross the line.

Tiffany Tablang

LIBRA: You may feel like the Universe is being resistant, and you’re having trouble getting your way after the 10th.  This is just because your mojo is being depleted by the current configuration of the stars. It’s time to phone a friend for support and a reminder of why you’re awesome. That sense of being out of balance ruins your day like nothing else, so stick to things you can control and let the rest go for now. Strange things may happen in love and career towards the end of the month, and you will find that your head is spinning from all of the ups and downs. Don’t take it personally when people test you; if you stay true to who you are you will pass with flying colors. Find a new physical activity you’ve always wanted to try but have been too focused on routine to attempt. You’ll find it liberating and invigorating.

Tiffany Tablang

SCORPIO: Money is flowing toward the beginning of the month and slows down later. Your love life gets weird after Venus goes retrograde on the 13th, but this could be good for you, taking you into new and exciting territory you never thought you’d enjoy.  Do not make any sudden or drastic moves in love, and certainly don’t make or accept any proposals just yet. Let the dust settle first. You will find that you are feeling more externally oriented than usual and are seeking answers and connections in some unusual places. Allow yourself to dive into these uncharted waters even though you’re unsure of where you’re going. You don’t have to be in charge, and your way is not always best. It is destined for you to be presented with opportunities to relinquish control at this time, so embrace it, stay positive, and allow yourself to be transformed. 

Tiffany Tablang

SAGITTARIUS: Thank the Gods you’re full of energy this month, because you have work to do! The Universe has tasked you with being ultra-productive this month, so get your beauty sleep. This month, you are “thirsty”, driving you to push harder and be more aggressive than usual. Be careful not to become inconsiderate in your tenacity, you may step on someone who doesn’t deserve it (not that anyone does). Remember to remain humble and thoughtful as you pursue your goals, and people will respect your drive and your integrity rather than thinking you vicious and selfish. One of the main problems you have this month is that the rest of the world isn’t moving as fast as you want, and your frustrations will be problematic for everyone if you don’t keep them in check. The only way to manage this contradiction is to be cooperative and gracious and cultivate your relationships. Use your charisma for good.

Tiffany Tablang

CAPRICORN: You’re extra fussy and particular this month, dear Cappy. You need order and clarity more than usual (which is saying something). Clean your closets, organize your backpack, and purge unnecessary clutter. Other people’s chaos will repulse you, too, so be on the lookout for that friend everyone says is a “hot mess”. Avoid their phone calls until well into June if you can, they will only distract you from what you need right now. Spend more time outside in nature, and try to create some kind of art. You may find that cleaning up your life opens up doors in the realm of love, too.

Tiffany Tablang

AQUARIUS: Dear Water Bearer, you are the only sign that I predict will not suffer long from the ill effects of Venus retrograde. You’re getting a hall pass from the Universe, so use it wisely. In your typical, contrary, paradoxical way, you will see your personal landscape improve as others begin to flail. BUT, be very careful not to take more from the Universe than you put back in, she is keeping score and expects you to contribute to the greater good, so don’t get too distracted by your own projects. Come up for air every now and then to help someone else, especially in your close relationships. They will resent you if you don’t and you will wonder -in classic Aquarian form- why they’re being so bitchy. In love, don’t put too much helium in the balloon, you might float away and never return to earth.

Tiffany Tablang

PISCES: The dreamer/feeler in you is running up against the practical and insensitive energies of those around you. Hurts, don’t it? Well, resistance is futile and haters gonna hate; so keep it moving and focus on you for a change. Your words have more punch than usual, so use them carefully. Watch out for pushy people, don’t feel obligated to deliver on a promise you didn’t make or participate in something you didn’t sign up for. Keep your eyes peeled for gaps and openings in your career and love life, opportunities are just waiting to be snatched from thin air. Don’t start something you can’t explain to the unenlightened – they will demand answers, so make sure you can provide them. Stay away from anything (and anyone) risky or strange. You’re not ready.

Tiffany Tablang

ARIES: Saturn going retrograde on the 10th will affect your relationships -and your amorous behaviors- in erratic ways, so be careful. Venus also moves into retrograde motion on the 13th, causing your words to have way more punch than you mean for them to. This can either come back to haunt you or win over your audience, depending on several factors. Be mindful of this power and use it cautiously. Make sure you are not misinterpreted, or you will have hell to pay. Watch out for restlessness and curiosity, they may take you to places you are unfamiliar with, and this can be dangerous for your ego. However, if you are willing to let go of your fear you will find new places to plant seeds and thrive. Your work landscape will be unpredictable and challenging but may lead to unexpected rewards.  


Astro Pittman

Astro (they/them) is the Editor-in-Chief of the Seattle Collegian, the President of Seattle Central's Queer Cooperative club, a fully-professed Guard with the Sisters of the Mother House of Washington, a social worker and behavioral scientist, founder of Transgender Day of Remembrance at Seattle Central (TDoR), Board Member-At-Large with Diversity Alliance of Puget Sound (DAPS), and a self-identified Queer-Alien-Person-Of-Color. They have won awards for their journalism and community service work as well as for innovation in leadership and academic excellence, and are an active and outspoken advocate and activist for both the LGBTQ+ and recovery communities. They speak regularly at events relevant to these causes, and work closely with their fellows to support these communities. Social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion are their banners, and their belief in the gifts, strengths, and resilience of all minoritized communities is the driving motivation behind their work and their mission: using the powers of journalism, self-expression, creativity, conversation and connection to uplift and foster acceptance for all peoples.

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