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Posts tagged as “faculty”

A Safe Space of Support: Inside Seattle Central College’s Counseling Center

Imagine Seattle Central College as a living organism, each department an essential organ ensuring the institution’s overall welfare. In our intricate ecosystem of higher education, the Counseling Center regulates the student body’s emotional and mental…

Students and college staff react to the Unity Fair event at Seattle Central

Unity Fair 2022 at Seattle Central College was an event that revolved around the idea of celebrating the versatility of students, college staff cultures, backgrounds, and communities, while listening to live music, tasting freshly cooked food, and playing interactive games

One more course: Seattle Culinary Academy no longer faces closure for now

Reacting to public outcry, on Wednesday, May 4, the Chancellor's office sent an email to the Seattle Colleges community. “After careful consultation with our trustees, program staff, business, and elected leaders,” the email said, “we have come to the decision that we will continue with enrolling students for all four programs for Fall 2022.”

Scholarship and grant opportunities through the Seattle Colleges Foundation

Are you interested in studying and developing your academic career at Seattle Colleges but need help finding funding? Then consider applying for a scholarship or grant through the Seattle Colleges Foundation today.  A scholarship that…

Charles H. Mitchell Activity Center reopens in-person services to students, staff, faculty

On Nov. 1, Seattle Central’s Charles H. Mitchell Activity Center (MAC) reopened for in-person services on a limited reservation basis for the first time since the pandemic halted operations last year. The MAC will now…

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