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The stigma attached to mental health in religious communities

Despite recent efforts to normalize and promote the importance of mental health, it is still a topic we fear to discuss openly. People who experience mental health challenges are either seen as aggressive and violent or weak and incompetent. These misconceptions create stigmas that make it harder for everyone involved.

Introducing the new killer doll darling: “M3gan” (★★★☆☆)

If you’ve been to the movie theater in the past couple of months, part of your experience was probably waiting for the “M3gan” trailer to play. Likely because of the scene where M3gan, the film's star killer, appears to be abstract-dancing through a hallway, a sight that never fails to draw laughter from the crowd. With no surprise, the trailer also became an instant meme online.

‘Planet Killer’ Asteroid? NASA Has A Plan

66 million years ago, it was a humid spring day. A blinding light and a bang launched Earth into an extreme heat that flipped into a nuclear winter. A loss of 75% of all life…

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): Eternal cycles of the extraordinary mind

*Trigger warning* – suicidal ideation Howard Hughes, American business magnate and record-breaking pilot – portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Academy Award-winning biopic, The Aviator – perishes on his bed, completely consumed by his degenerative mental condition. Hughes died in…

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