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Seattle-based coalitions organize election night rally

Jordan Somers A group of Tacoma-based residents and activists visited Seattle to participate in the election night rally, which was organized by four Seattle-based coalitions: Black Action Coalition – @blackactioncoalition, Morning March Seattle – @morningmarchseattle, Antifa Equity Outreach – @antifaequityoutreach, and The Engage Team – @theengageteam.
Jordan Somers A coalition leader rallies protestors moments before the march commences from Cascade Park in South Lake Union.
Jordan Somers An activist holds up a megaphone as they prepare to march into the Seattle streets. Coalition leaders maintained a high level of energy and guidance as they steered the rally around much of South Lake Union.
Jordan Somers  Protestors march down a closed off street that is barricaded and protected by a large caravan of cars, trucks and bicycles.
Jordan Somers Instruments and music have become commonplace in the marches to keep spirits alive and momentum steady.
Jordan Somers Coalition leaders took turns on the megaphone, chanting with and speaking to the rally protestors.  Speakers spoke frequently about holding both presidential candidates accountable for their actions and for the corruptible, underlying interests they both serve and represent.
Jordan Somers Dozens of cars were used as caravans to steer the protest and close the street off to any oncoming vehicles.
Jordan Somers Dozens of bicyclists have been serving as barricades to traffic, as well as security and first aid for the protestors.
Jordan Somers A protestor holds up a “Black History Matters” sign.  The rally organizers ensured that the rally stuck to its core reasons for protest while not being distracted by election day news coverage.
Jordan Somers Protestors march down Thomas Street alongside the mobile caravan.
Jordan Somers A protestor waves a large Black Lives Matter flag.
Jordan Somers A protestor spray paints “Can’t Stop the Revolution” on Mercer Avenue as the rally congregates at an intersection.
Jordan Somers Police arrive at the scene in droves after following a separate, converging activist group, Every Night Direct Demonstration (ENDD Seattle – @ENDDSeattle), on Mercer Street.  The police began to rush both rallies from behind, arresting eight total demonstrators in the process.
Jordan Somers Police congregate outside of Cal Anderson Park where the ENDD protest group ended their march.
Jordan Somers Protestors displayed a variety of signs calling for systematic reform and an end to police brutality.
Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian Members of the ENDD burn a Donald Trump flag atop the pyramid fountain at Cal Anderson Park.


Jordan Somers

Jordan Somers is currently in his second year of Visual Media at Seattle Central College. He specializes in photojournalism and documentary work, with a particular emphasis on social movements happening throughout the city. His 2020 documentary, Hope is Not Cancelled, was an official selection at the Local Sightings Film Festival, and won an award for best editing at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival. Jordan is an avid traveler when granted the opportunity, and has a keen interest in psychology and existential philosophy.

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