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Vote Rossa For Mascot Ad Campaign

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Check out our campaign video for Rossa for Mascot!

Vote for Rossa. Email by Friday, February 14th, using “Rossa for Mascot” as the subject line.  

Also, check out our article about Rossa, here.

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Astro is the Editor-in-Chief at The Seattle Collegian, the President of Seattle Central's Queer Cooperative club, a fully-professed Guard with the Sisters of the Mother House of Washington, and a self-identified Queer-Alien-Person-Of-Color. He has won awards for his journalism and community service work as well as for innovation in leadership and academic excellence, and is an active and outspoken advocate and activist for both the LGBTQ+ and recovery communities. He speaks regularly at events relevant to these causes, and works closely with his fellows to support these communities. Social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion are his banners, and his belief in the strength and resilience of all marginalized communities is the driving motivation behind his work and his mission: using the powers of journalism, self-expression, creativity, conversation and connection to uplift and foster acceptance for all peoples.

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