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Posts published in “Lifestyle”

The stigma attached to mental health in religious communities

Despite recent efforts to normalize and promote the importance of mental health, it is still a topic we fear to discuss openly. People who experience mental health challenges are either seen as aggressive and violent or weak and incompetent. These misconceptions create stigmas that make it harder for everyone involved.

Go play Go at Seattle Go Center

Established in 1995, Seattle Go Center, or formally known as Nihon Ki-in Go institute of the West,  is the first Go center in North America. The Nihon Ki-in (The Japanese Go association) and one of Go’s most notable players, Kaoru Iwamoto, funded the Go center in hopes of preserving and fostering the culture of Go across the globe.

“Bones and All”: Cannibals on the big screen (★★★☆☆)

As a fan of Guadagnino’s past works, I was anticipating to love “Bones and All”. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed. There was great potential for this film with its director, general theme, and talented cast, but I found that it was missing substance. Maybe this is what Guadagnino wanted, for us to be drifting along with the characters on their backcountry escapade, but it left me leaving the theater craving more. 

Seattle’s other dimension: The ghosts that haunt Pike Place Market

It is a rainy late afternoon in Seattle. You decide to stop by Pike Place Market for a cup of coffee. Stepping foot into the market, you feel something shift inside of you. It is like you’re being watched, but there aren’t many people around you at all. Through the stairway, you think you hear an echo of voices that belong to nobody. Suddenly, you catch a fleeting glimpse of something moving in the corner of your eye. You realize you are not alone, but are in the presence of something - or rather, someone - unseen. 

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