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Posts published in “Lifestyle”

The disappointment of the 2022 Mariners

Earlier this season, I wrote an article on why the Mariners ball club seemed to be the organization's most hopeful team in recent times, and for the first few weeks of the season it seemed like this statement would remain true. In their first 17 games, the team held a record of 11-6, and although it was early, the team looked good. But I don't believe anyone expected the season to take the turn that it did.

The return of a Capitol Hill classic: Little Odd Fellows re-opens 

If you’re looking for a spot in Capitol Hill to wait out the never ending rain, or perhaps a place where you can romanticize yourself as the main character of the book you’re reading with a warm cup of coffee, I got news for you. After more than a year of being closed, Little Odd Fellows in Capitol Hill is back in business.

Coffee Snob: Exploring Seattle’s coffee scene – Ugly Mug Cafe & Coffee Roasters

Ugly Mug Cafe originated in 1995 in the University District. In the midst of the college scene, Ugly Mug takes on the lively essence of U-District’s inhabitants, while still aiming to provide a refuge of coziness and warmth. The current owners of the cafe and roastery began as mere baristas at Ugly Mug. However, with a yearning to improve and elevate the cafe, Ugly Mug was eventually passed into their hands. 

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